Miguel Arteta
English, Spanish

Described as “the first great film of the Trump era,” Beatriz at Dinner invites you to take a seat for a dinner party you won’t soon forget.

After a house-call appointment, massage therapist Beatriz (Salma Hayek) is asked to stay for dinner by her client Kathy (Connie Britton), who’s invited some friends over. Among the guests are Shannon (Chloë Sevigny), Alex (Jay Duplass), and Doug (John Lithgow), the latter of whom—to put it lightly—is a bigot, referring to Beatriz as a member of the house staff, asking her if she came to the United States legally, and spouting off conservative talking points that leave Beatriz trying her best to keep things together… until they fall apart.

While it’s a hoot to watch, Beatriz at Dinner’s timely political commentary is palpably indignant—and should be, at least, until the next Presidential election.