In Canada, it’s easy to pretend our country is immune to the larger problems of the world, like violence against women, the painful fallout of colonialism, and the ongoing conflict in Syria that has razed the country and displaced millions. In this programme of shorts, we start in far-flung regions like the forests of Haiti (The Crying Conch) and a small village in Nigeria (Waiting for Hassana) before coming home, where our immediate connections to global issues are closer—and more imperative—than we think.


Damiana  Andrés Ramírez Pulido  Colombia / Brazil  15 min
The Crying Conch Vincent Toi Canada 20 min
Shinaab Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. USA 8 min
Nuuca Michelle Latimer Canada 12 min
Waiting for Hassana Ifunanya Maduka Nigeria 10 min
Canada the Good? Tess Girard Canada 5 min
Rupture Yassmina Karajah Canada / Jordan 18 min


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