Sean Baker

With 2015’s Tangerine, director Sean Baker took a mighty risk: He shot a movie entirely on an iPhone 5S, with a limited budget of $100,000. Winning awards from critics and making nearly $800,000 at the box office, it’s safe to say the experiment was fruitful.

It’s also clear Hollywood took note. Casting his first major named role with Willem Dafoe, The Florida Project, Baker’s follow-up, is a breathtaking, fascinating exploration of youthful innocence in the adult world.

Audiences will immediately shine to Brooklynn Prince, the precocious, intelligent, energetic child actor behind Moonee, the six-year-old protagonist in this multi-layered story told from her point-of-view as she roams throughout her Orlando neighbourhood, having fun and causing trouble.

Like Tangerine, The Florida Project makes its own rules in how it tells its story. Baker only asks that you follow along for the ride.